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The Green House Village Preschool is a community-based inclusive preschool based on nationally accepted developmentally appropriate practices. Our program is based on the belief that all children grow and develop to their fullest potential when allowed the freedom to follow their own biological time clock and when provided with a happy, healthy, caring and stimulating environment. Children with special learning needs thrive when included, and benefit greatly from typical peer role models where are children are able to learn and thrive. Play is a foundation of growth and learning for children of all ages, and is therefore the core of our curriculum around which all other goal oriented academics are developed.



Check out how our day is structured Monday-Friday during the school year, and during summer programming. This fluctuates depending on the school year and summer program. For a most up-to-date schedule, please contact us at:! 

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You say you love your children and are concerned they learn today? So are we — that’s why we’re providing a variety of kinds of play. 
You’re asking the value of blocks and other such play? Your children are solving problems. They will use that skill every day!
You’re asking what’s the value of having your children play? Your daughter’s creating a tower. She may be a builder some day!
You’re saying you don’t want your son to play in that “sissy” way? He’s learning to cuddle a doll. He may be a father some day!
You’re questioning the interest centers; they just look like useless play? Your children are making choices, they’ll be on their own some day!
You’re worried your children aren’t learning and later they’ll have to pay? They’re learning a pattern for learning for they’ll be LEARNERS ALWAYS!!! 
- Leila P. Fagg

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