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Outdoor Classroom Project

The Green House Village Preschool has recently acquired an outdoor classroom / greenhouse for our facility in Milford. This facility will allow our program to expand outdoor learning instruction and growth opportunities for the future. A portion of this was made possible with an anonymous contribution to the preschool and organization. It will arrive by the fall of 2021. We are asking for contributions to finish the remainder of the project, as you'll read below. 

The outdoor classroom will expand opportunities for: 

• Learning outdoors in all seasons of the year through exploring nature, gardening, and healthy habit options; 

• expanding our Healthy Habits program launched in early 2021

• expanding gardening and nutrition opportunities all year round

• expanding universal partnerships with community organizations and partners to do educational activities and functions; and 

• expand and grow the program in the long-term and short-term future in multiple facets.  

How To Get Involved!!

In order to get this project completed, we need some support from Alumni and other community members to get this project completed. This funding will help support the long-term growth of the program. With your support, this will get done by the fall of 2021 (if not sooner), allowing us to implement this great space immediately. Please consider getting involved by making a contribution here or by mailing your contribution to: 

The Courageous Steps Project

C/O GHV Outdoor Classroom

P.O. Box 1

Stillwater, ME 04489

If you have any questions on this project, please email Connor Archer at:, or Karen Thibault at:

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