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About Us

The Green House Village Preschool is built with years of experience in the Early Childhood profession with a belief that children of all abilities should have a place where they can learn and grow. 

Our Story


The Green House Village Preschool was founded by Connor Archer, Founder & Chairman/CEO of The Courageous Steps Project, the parent organization of the Green House Village Preschool program, in collaboration with Karen Thibault and Lynn Faerber, long-time professionals in the Early Childhood Education field. Connor was a former student of the program back in a different capacity, and wanted to make this transition happen at some point. After months of planning, the transition is set to be complete and the launch of the new program will take place on January 1st, 2021. The Green House Village Preschool is an inclusive program that serves children ages 3-5. 

Program Philosophy

The Green House Village Preschool is a community-based inclusive preschool based on nationally accepted developmentally appropriate practices. Our program is based on the belief that all children grow and develop to their fullest potential when allowed the freedom to follow their own biological time clock and when provided with a happy, healthy, caring and stimulating environment. Children with special learning needs thrive when included, and benefit greatly from typical peer role models where are children are able to learn and thrive. Play is a foundation of growth and learning for children of all ages, and is therefore the core of our curriculum around which all other goal oriented academics are developed. 



Our school year program is open to all children ages 3 years through kindergarten enrollment with every effort made to accommodate individual special needs for the preschool program exclusively. 

Enrollment in our 8 week summer program session is based on an open enrollment policy and on a first come, first served basis. 

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