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Our Story

The Green House Village Preschool was founded by Courageous Steps Founder & Chairman/CEO Connor Archer and long-time members Karen Thibault and Lynn Faerber. Our program is an early childhood preschool program for children ages 3 to Kindergarten entry of various abilities and challenges. Our program strives to provide a learning environment where can learn and grow through nationally developmentally appropriate practices.  

Archer, a former student of the Green House Nursery School back nearly

20 years ago, is helping to create a program model that is sustainable for future generations to come by focusing on the key components outlined below:

a.) Creating an environment where ALL kids can learn and grow; 
b.) Engaging with the community to improve programming; and
c.) Contribute to creating better communities and society overall. 

Early intervention is crucial to a child's overall development. Our program is based on the belief that all children grow and develop to their fullest potential when allowed the freedom to follow their own biological time clock and when provided with a happy, healthy, caring and stimulating environment. Children with special learning needs thrive when included, and benefit greatly from typical peer role models where are children are able to learn and thrive. Play is a foundation of growth and learning for children of all ages, and is therefore the core of our curriculum around which all other goal oriented academics are developed. 

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