Specialized Enrollment

We accept children who qualify for special education services under Child Development Services (CDS) and rehabilitative services under MaineCare Section 28 School-Based Services. Special Education services MUST be in place before 1:1 support staff are provided to students.  

Required Enrollment Forms / Documents to Submit

To enroll in special education services, please email greenhouse@thecourageousstepsproject.org, and have the following ready:

• Your child's referrals (CDS, Doctors, Professionals, Etc.)

• Copy of Birth Certificate

• Copy of Immunization / Medical Records

• Completed Enrollment Packet

Important Things To Know

Enrollment may take a few weeks to occur due to state processing timeframes. To reduce the wait time, please have all referrals and past evaluations (if any) ready to submit. In addition, continue to follow-up with us and your case manager (if you know them directly) to speed up the process of filing the application.