Alumni Fund Wishlist

The Green House Village Preschool is always looking to make upgrades to our school equipment for both the safety and educational purposes of the children. We do seek grants to fulfill these needs, but some are not always able to be met due to requirements and guidelines per a grant application. Below are the following wishlist items for our preschool program:  

Curb-Appeal Project (Spring '21)

Healthy Habits Program (Ongoing)

We are looking to upgrade the curb-appeal at the preschool this year. If you can donate one or a couple of the following, we'd truly appreciate your support:

• Bags of Mulch (Brown Preferably)

• Bags of Garden Soil

• Bags of Potting Soil

• Plants (Annuals Preferably)

• Seeds

• Plain 2x10x10 Wooden Boards (6 Total)

We are looking for donations to help expand the healthy habits program at the preschool. If you are interested in getting involved, here is what we could use:

• Gift Cards for Purchasing Fruit and Vegetables (Hannaford or Sam's Club/Walmart

• Cases of Bottled Water

• New French Door Refrigerator (for more storage)

• Plastic Storage Containers

• Paper Plates

Educational Trips (Ongoing)

As the COVID-19 vaccinations continue to ramp up, we are hoping to begin the process of implementing field trip activities throughout the year when safe and possible. If you are able to make a contribution to help, we'd truly appreciate it. You can send your contribution to: 

The Courageous Steps Project

C/O Green House Village Alumni Fund

P.O. Box 1

Stillwater, ME 04489

Resource Center (Ongoing)

In partnership with United Way of Eastern Maine, and several other community partners, we are putting together a resource center at our preschool available to our families, including former students/families. We can always use the following items:

• Snacks (Crackers, Granola Bars)

• Water (Bottled Preferably)

• Winter Gear (Winter)

• Extra Sneakers/Shoes

If you aren't sure what to donate, email us via email at: